Monday 23 September 2013

First lead comp

On Saturday I went to Boulders 5th birthday party and I entered the open route master finals. My dad belayed me up all 6 top ropes. I managed to get to the top of the first 4 but I got to the 3rd last hold on the fifth. The sixth was hard so I only got to about the middle of this climb.

While I was waiting for the results I did some bouldering, but before long we were called for cake. Just before we had cake the results were announced and I had come second.  I wasn't expecting to get such a high place, I was overjoyed until I heard  there was a supper final. It was a lead just one, but a really hard red climb on the roof of boulders.I was so nervous as it  was my first lead comp.

I was second in line for the climb shaking as I tied myself in. With the first two clips clipped in I made my first move. oop's wrong hand, all the moves I did were with the wrong technique I cilped the third clip and tried to move off it but I had the wrong technique and I was too nervous so jumped and fell.

I was very disappointed to have climbed so rubbish and I hope in my next lead comp I will give a  better performance.