Thursday 21 November 2013


Earlier today I went to academy to train for a competition I'm doing at Sheffield in a couple of weeks. When I arrived at boulders my friend Shani and some of the other guys from academy were there so we decided to play tag for a warm up. While we were playing tag Catlin, Bethan and Rosie came and joined in too. After a long game of tag with almost every member of the boulders academy Dave my coach came over a told us that Lee would also be coaching us today  because Simon my usual coach couldn't make it. We worked on circuits today we climbed each circuit until we fell off an then on our next turn climbed from where we fell off on our first go. I didn't manage to finish a circuit but I got quite close. After we had finished the circuits the girls did core training and the boys did pull ups, after we had both done our training we swopped. I did pull ups with Lee, Catlin, Bethan, Shani and Rosie. After this we had to go home but I am very much looking forward to next weeks academy.

Thursday 14 November 2013

Leading ladder

On Monday I went to Boulders to try the Leading Ladder for the first time. I was given a yellow score sheet with a list of 10 climbs going down the page. The grades ranged from 5+ to 8a. The first 4 climbs were easy but the 5th one had a very hard move in the middle of the climb. I tried lots and used up most of my energy but saved a bit for the rest of the climb and managed to get to the top. The 6th climb was very difficult and I made it to the third last hold. I couldn't reach the last two holds because I had used up all my energy by holding a lock off on a crimp and clipping at the same time. I know all the moves now so next time I will be able to make the last moves because I will have more energy.

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Welsh Climbing Championships 2013

On  Friday the 8th of November we drove up to North Wales to practice climbing in the Beacon centre for the open welsh championships climbing competition. I trained hard by leading and top roping hard climbs. I got a bit frustrated with one climb because it was so crimpy and you had to have amazing balance to complete it. My dad and brother gave me some advice and I managed to do it after trying each part on its own.

When the day of the competition came I was very nervous but managed to top the first three with no problems. I qualified for the semis where I was put into isolation with 5 other climbers who also qualified. I found this semi final climb easier than it looked and followed my route read exactly. I qualified for the finals in joint first place. When I was reading this last route it looked hard. Finally I was called to do this route. It was a high yellow one. I tied myself in, chalked up and started to climb. I really climbed my best trying to complete every move. There were only 3 or 4 moves to go when I got tired and slipped but managed to hold on. It shocked me so much I tried my ultimate hardest to finish it and I managed to. I was so happy. My dad said it was my best climb I have ever done. Me and the other competitors shared our scores and I had won. I felt amazing I said well done to the girls and told my dad and little brother the news they were both thrilled for me. When all the categories had finished climbing Mark announced the winners and presented us with our trophies.
My Trophy

It always an amazing feeling. The day after the comp I went back to the Beacon centre and looked at the grades of the climbs I did in the comp they were:

Girls D - Routes

  1. 5c (purple)
  2. 6a+ (green)
  3. 6b+ (orange)
  4. 6c+ (purple)
  5. 7a+ (yellow)

I really liked the boys D category semi final climb so I decided to try leading it, I got half way no problems then it started to get harder and harder but I climbed it well and focused hard that is how I got to the top!

You tube video of the competition:

Thursday 7 November 2013

Radio ad and documentary

I am so glad I can blog again, my house has just had a loft conversion so I haven't been able to blog. I am so happy, I can talk about everything that has happened while my loft was being converted:

I have been filmed for a Boulders advert which is all about my climbing story and how Boulders helped me through my NICAS levels.You can find that here: Boulders Advert

I also recorded a radio advert for Boulders with Capital FM.

Simon is now working for Boulders and takes the academy sessions which I really enjoy.