Monday 27 January 2014

BMC Youth Climbing Series Rd 1 (Summit Centre) - Route Grades

I went to the Summit Centre today to try out some of the competition climbs again. The grades are as follows.

Pink6cCat C 3rd, Cat A 1st
Orange5Cat C 1st
Left Side

Pink7bCat A 3rd
Orange7aCat B 3rd
Left Overhang

Green6cCat E 3rd, Cat B 2nd, Cat D 3rd
Beige6aCat C 2nd, Cat B 1st
Right Wall

Orange5+Cat E 2nd
Blue4Cat E 1st
Back Wall

Sunday 26 January 2014

Round 1 BMC Youth Climbing Series 2014

Yesterday I didn't get a long lie in instead I went to McDonald's for one of their lush hash-brown breakfasts before driving up to the Summit Centre in Trelewis to compete in the first round of the youth climbing series. I was very exited because I have moved up to group to C so I am leading this year.

When I arrived at the centre I looked at all the blocs and routes that might have been set for my category and then I read them. I read 4 routes and my three routes were included in these. After a while Simon called everyone in and discussed the rules then he told us girls that we were bouldering first so I put on my shoes and chalk bag then walked over to the bouldering mats. Very soon after that I was shown my first problem it looked really easy. I managed to top it and so did everyone else in my group. Our second problem looked pretty easy too, everyone in my group including me topped this one as well. For the very last problem they put us on a long green one, it looked ok except one reach in the middle. When I was looking at the bloc a new hold was placed in the middle of the reach this meant finishing the problem wouldn't be very hard at all. On my first attempted I climbed quite fast until I got to the hold that was added in then I put my foot up and pushed up to it and grabbed it, it was good and easy to move off I managed the next two moves no problem, I matched the top then jumped down really pleased with myself.

I asked my judge what I should do next and she told me it was time for lunch. I had my lunch and watched my little brother Silas (aged 4) climb. After lunch Simon gathered everyone and told the girls in each category who their judges were. My category started really quickly. Our first climb was really easy and everyone topped it. For our next climb we had to wait a little while for group B to finish on it. As soon as they finished I had to wait a little longer as I was climbing third. This climb was really easy as well and everyone completed it.

The final was really hard and I was climbing second so I had to read it really well as I could only watch one person. When it was my turn I was really nervous and excited to see how far I would get. I managed to get to the 5th or 6th clip but there was a massive reach after this which meant I was too scared to make the move. The hold looked really good but it was just too far away. I decided to let go. When I got down I was really disappointed because I could have done better if I hadn't got scared. But I am going to do a lot of work on falling to try and overcome my fear.

Even though I didn't complete the last climb I got the furthest on that climb and also the third bouldering problem. This meant I won the first round.

My certificate from the event

Google Generate Auto Awesome video of the event