Friday 28 June 2013

Summit Centre

Earlier today Oscar, my dad and me went to the summit centre to train. We hadn't been there for a long time and we wanted a change from Boulders. I noticed that it wasn't as dark and the coloured holds stood out more. The new lights made the centre more inviting.

I played tag with Oscar to get my heart rate going. Once I had finished stretching I went leading with my dad. I started off with easy climbs then moved onto harder ones when I got warmer.

The grades I climbed were 6a+ to 6c. One of the climbs I did was the high orange on the overhang wall at the front of the centre. On the last 3 panels it started to get reachy and I was off balance because the climb was near the arĂȘte so my foot didn't have anything to push off. This meant that I had to hook my leg around the arĂȘte and do a small dyno to grab the next crimpy hold. I managed to stick it, clip and do the last two moves. I felt amazing because when I was reading it I didn't think was going to reach the holds because they were spaced out quite a lot.

New fleece

Thanks OutDoorKit for another great fleece.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Emily on ITV News!

ITV featured Emily on the Evening Welsh News on Sunday 23rd June 2013

Friday 21 June 2013

Emily in South Wales Echo

Following a photo shoot in Boulders on Thursday 20th June, Emily featured AGAIN in the South Wales Echo on Friday 21st June.

Thursday 20 June 2013

Interview for Capital Times

Emily was interviewed at Rhydypenau School by a journalist from the Capital Times.

Interview on YouTube:

Emily on BBC website

The BBC also covered Emily's success in this online feature. Thursday 20th June 2013

Emily on BBC South East Wales news website.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Boulders team success article in South Wales Echo

The South Wales Echo printed this piece about the Boulders team on Wednesday 19th June 2013.


Sunday 16 June 2013

British Final 15/06/2013

On the 15th of June I competed in the British youth climbing series 2013 held in EICA Ratho climbing centre.

At the competition my category had to climb a very hard blue bouldering problem I was very worried about it because some of the climbers in the group above me couldn't do it. After every climb I did I went back to the blue bouldering problem and planned how I was going to each move, what holds I was going to use and not going to use making sure I didn't make any mistakes and in all the spare time I had I was reading that hard problem. Finally the time came for me to try the blue I was chalking up and brushing all the slippery holds, I gripped the starting hold and pulled off the ground, at a medium speed I grabbed the next slopper hold matched it then skipped the pinch and placed my finger in the finger hole, with only two fingers in the hold shaking I managed to touch then grab the second last hold I was felt my heart  beating really fast so as soon as I had that second last hold straight away I went for that last hold  and  I got it! I was thrilled I couldn't have been happier with my performance!

After that I only had the  last  climb left but I slipped on the third hold from the top I thought I'd come second, It wasn't good enough for me, and I was disappointed until my name was called out first place! I was on top of the world, I didn't just get the glory I also won a 40m rope and a big trophy.