Friday 28 June 2013

Summit Centre

Earlier today Oscar, my dad and me went to the summit centre to train. We hadn't been there for a long time and we wanted a change from Boulders. I noticed that it wasn't as dark and the coloured holds stood out more. The new lights made the centre more inviting.

I played tag with Oscar to get my heart rate going. Once I had finished stretching I went leading with my dad. I started off with easy climbs then moved onto harder ones when I got warmer.

The grades I climbed were 6a+ to 6c. One of the climbs I did was the high orange on the overhang wall at the front of the centre. On the last 3 panels it started to get reachy and I was off balance because the climb was near the arĂȘte so my foot didn't have anything to push off. This meant that I had to hook my leg around the arĂȘte and do a small dyno to grab the next crimpy hold. I managed to stick it, clip and do the last two moves. I felt amazing because when I was reading it I didn't think was going to reach the holds because they were spaced out quite a lot.

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