Thursday 21 November 2013


Earlier today I went to academy to train for a competition I'm doing at Sheffield in a couple of weeks. When I arrived at boulders my friend Shani and some of the other guys from academy were there so we decided to play tag for a warm up. While we were playing tag Catlin, Bethan and Rosie came and joined in too. After a long game of tag with almost every member of the boulders academy Dave my coach came over a told us that Lee would also be coaching us today  because Simon my usual coach couldn't make it. We worked on circuits today we climbed each circuit until we fell off an then on our next turn climbed from where we fell off on our first go. I didn't manage to finish a circuit but I got quite close. After we had finished the circuits the girls did core training and the boys did pull ups, after we had both done our training we swopped. I did pull ups with Lee, Catlin, Bethan, Shani and Rosie. After this we had to go home but I am very much looking forward to next weeks academy.

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