Sunday 9 February 2014

Exeter - leading ladder at Quay Centre

Yesterday my dad and me drove up to Exeter to do the leading ladder. We drove past lots of flooding. When we arrived at the Quay Centre my dad had to sign loads of forms it was so boring, just as we thought we could go climb they had to check that my dad could put on a harness correctly and belay correctly although we did say we had been climbing for nearly 6 years. When we could finally climb I looked at all the climbs they didn't look reachy but some of them looked quite difficult.

The grades I managed to do were:


I couldn't do:


After attempting these a couple of times I decided to try some of the other climbs and do some falling practice because I get scared quite a lot and it stops me from doing a lot of climbs.
I  did some falls and climbs until it was only half an hour until it was time to go, so I did some bouldering. The bouldering room wasn't that big so i didn't take me long to attempt each one. After that we headed home because I was getting tired.

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