Monday 1 December 2014

GB team selection

Earlier today I found out that I had been selected for a place in the GB team. I was so pleased when I found this out I had been really hoping for a place in the British team.

See BMC website for announcement.

I don't really know what being on the British team is so I had a browse on the GB team website and found this:

Benefits of being selected to be on a GB Junior team include the following: 
  1. This is the first step in representing GB internationally.
  2. You will receive a GB Team kit and will have the privilege of being able to wear the GB Team kit at events.
  3. You will get free entry into selected climbing walls.
    1. For walls in England and Wales, the Team management will tell you which walls they are. They are also indicated in the BMC Climbing Wall Directory.
    2. For walls in Scotland, the information comes from the MCofS Management Rep and is available on the MCofS website. 
  4. Advice on training, nutrition, injury prevention.
  5. Advice and National Body (eg BMC and / or MCofS) support for funding from external funding bodies.
  6. Some coaching, but this is not the main purpose of Team Management. Team members often have their own coaches and work with them on an individual basis.
  7. Some opportunities to compete internationally in order to gain experience at selected events. These will be (i) at events that take place in the UK and (ii) possibly other events where the management feel it is appropriate. In the past, and in respect of the Lead Climbing Team, the Kranj EYC in November has been used for this purpose.
All the details can be found from this document on the BMC website:
GB Junior Bouldering & Climbing Teams’ Philosophy and Selection


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