Sunday 28 June 2015

Youth Bouldering Championships 2015 - Bloc (Bristol)

On Saturday 27th June I went to the Junior British Bouldering Championship and Junior British Bouldering Cup. It was held in Bloc climbing Centre where I boulder sometimes. I came first overall on the day meaning I am Junior British Bouldering Champion 2015 of category C. As I only entered rounds 1 and 3 because I was competing in the YCCF in Imst, I could only get a maximum of 200 points. I got 200 points because I won rounds 1 and 3 but it wasn't quite enough to win the over all series. I missed out on 1st place by two points - I am really gutted. 

I did this blog post differently by making it into a commentary video where my Dad put together a video of all my climbs and I spoke over it. Here it is:


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