Sunday 29 November 2015

Grand Opening of The Hangout Climbing Wall (Haverfordwest)

Earlier this month I was invited to the opening of The Hangout climbing wall in Haverfordwest leisure centre. My Gran lives close to the leisure centre so we drove  to her house and stayed the night with her.

We went to the leisure centre the next morning to get ready for the opening of the centre. The hall was quite tall and half of it was a gymnastics area. To the right was the wall. It looked amazing. There was a completely horizontal overhang and a funky hexagonal shaped wall which looked really interesting. It looked pro because you couldn't see any of the joins between the pieces of ply wood and it was new, well designed with all the different angles and shapes.

I was looking forward to climbing on it. I was introduced to Sian who is the manager of the whole leisure centre and I already know Liz who is the manager of the climbing wall. Also some of the army and were there as they funded the wall and a member of the Pembrokeshire county council was there to pull the rope instead of cutting a ribbon as it is a climbing wall.

I climbed with my brother to warm up before the official opening of the wall. As soon as they pulled the ribbon I started climbing the roof wall. It was a really nice wall with brand new holds. All the holds were jugs but the angle was very steep. I had to pose for a photo half way up the wall and
then carried on to the top.

I next had a photo with my mum and then by myself on the wall. After this Oscar and I had a go on all the walls, we tried lots of routes. I loved the hexagonal tube feature because it made climbing it a lot more interesting and fun. For my last route I tied the orange on the flatish wall. This was the hardest route I tried and I almost fell on a few of the moves. I felt very pressured to top it which didn't help!

Then it was time to leave as my Gran had booked a table for lunch so  we packed up and thanked everyone for inviting us. I had a great time and I enjoyed demoing. It was nerve-racking but good fun. Thanks to Liz and Sian for inviting me, I had a lot of fun.

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