Wednesday 3 July 2013


Earlier today I did my academy session at Boulders. After warming up I climbed a wall using all the holds, each move I made I used a different technique. This will help me to improve my footwork. Next I used my technique to help me do a hard, crimpy holded, blue bouldering problem. First I placed both feet on the foot holds below the starting holds, I carefully moved to the next hold only able to hold it with two fingers in the hole. I balanced my feet and lifted one finger and placed  another from my other hand. Second  I managed to do the next two moves quite easily but the last four were very hard, once I had reached the volume I used the side of it to balance myself so I could move my feet up. Slowly I managed to get them up on the high holds but I couldn't keep them on for very long so I made a quick but in control move to the second last hold. Finally the top I could just reach that last hold with my feet up high I was very pleased, and just to make it even better we did some core and strength training to finish!

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