Sunday 2 March 2014

Round 2 BMC Youth Climbing Series 2014

Yesterday, was the second round of the BMC Youth Climbing Series 2014. It was held in Dynamic Rock climbing centre near Swansea. On the way there we past Port Talbot refinery and saw a flame burning from one of the chimneys. The centre wasn't open so we decided to go for a walk to pass the time, we saw a waterfall and a canal. We walked along many paths next to the river and crossed the river using a bridge by the rugby ground. We threw a few stones into the river and then went back. When we returned to the centre the doors were just opening. Perfect timing! My brother and me were at the bottom of the centre first so we got first dibs of the lockers. My dad registered us and belayed me up some climbs as a warm up, my brother Oscar didn't do any climbs to warm up because he was too busy messing around not thinking about the comp at all. 

Once the comp started the girls went rope climbing and the boys went bouldering. Some of my climbs looked hard but they were easier than they looked. I managed to top all my climbs and I was very pleased.

Once everybody had finished climbing we had lunch and went to the pub to have a drink and a rest away from all the noise. Oscar and I had a sports drink.

When we arrived back it was bouldering time. I was very exited because the first two problems looked easy. The last problem looked really hard and some of the climbers in the older categories didn't do it. I managed to do the first and second ones easily but I didn't manage to complete the third. I touched the last hold so two points were deducted from my total score. My score was 478 out of 480 which wasn't bad. After having my last go on the last problem I realised that  I had taken my last to attempts too quickly and as a result I fell off earlier that I should have. Next time I will have more rest between attempts.

My group finished early so I tried the bouldering problems again and managed to do the third problem. This was frustrating because I should have done it in the competition.

Because my group finished so early it was a long wait before the certificates were given, our judge told us our places so I knew what position I had come. Oscar and I collected our certificates and were very happy. Oscar was second for category E and I was first for category C and we have both qualified for the welsh final.  

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