Thursday 29 May 2014

Resoled shoes

Llanberis Resoles
Resoled Shoes
Recently I have worn through my La Sportiva Katana rock shoes and had sent them off to be resoled. I got them back though the post about the same time as my wall was being built.

Shoe edge on a tiny hold after resoling
I have two pairs of shoes both La Sportiva Katana (lace ups and Velcro) the lace ups are more technical than the Velcro.

When wearing the Velcro shoes I had been noticing that my feet slipped off the holds more often than before. They also seemed very blunt at the end of the shoe by the toes, not like they were when we brought them. Now they have been resoled they are amazing. I think there just as good as my more technical pair They stick to the holds better meaning I don't slip off! I am really happy with them! I sent my shoes to Llanberis Resoles they are really good and my shoes have now been resoled twice. It's much cheaper than getting a new pair and they as good as new once they've been resoled. I would definitely recommend them. Last time I got my shoes resoled I wore them right through the black rubber to the soft yellow material underneath this meant I had to pay £50 instead of £30. If I had caught the rubber before they wore though to the yellow material then it would have been £30. 

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