Saturday 31 May 2014

A climbing wall in my room!

Oscar behind the wall

Me behind the wall
On Thursday 22th of May, Simon (my coach) and Anthony (my old Boulders instructor) came to my house and put up a wooden frame for a 30 - 40 degree bouldering\training wall in my room. My brother and me were really excited about having our own climbing wall to train on. Simon came to finish our wall on Wednesday 28th of May this was the day we were on holiday so we had a nice supprise when we got back. Once I came back from Granny's I ran upstairs and saw the wall. I found my dad's Allen key and used it to put some new jugs on. My dad bought these holds from Up and Under earlier in the week.

Bomber Jugs from Up and Under
I tried to put some on and failed because the Allen key wasn't strong enough and I couldn't find the drill. I waited for my dad to get back from work and take Oscar and me to Boulders. We had a good session and I did some whippers from the roof. I managed to get to the second top of the purple 7a on the roof ready for my trip to Austria on Wednesday for the Colour Climbing Festival. When we came back we put up some holds with the drill and I stayed up until 23:00 route setting and training.

The next day a large, heavy parcel arrived at the door. I had been watching out the window and waiting for it all morning.

Smaller boxes inside large parcel
Holds from Beacon Climbing

The parcel contained another 45 holds from the Beacon centre. We spent the rest of the day including our session with Simon (at our house) arranging holds on the wall and setting routes with masking tape! By the time we had finished our session almost all of the holds were on the wall.

The next day my fingers had red curly marks on them which were blisters! We had to cut the session in Boulders short because my skin was so bad!

It is really cool to wake up and see a massive colourful climbing wall in my room every morning. I love it when people come around and gasp when they see the wall in my room as they walk up the stairs.

But I wouldn't be climbing on it now if Joe Holmes (instructor from boulders) hadn't lent us his bouldering mat while we were looking to buy one.

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