Saturday 26 April 2014

Junior British Bouldering Championships Round 2

This morning I went to McDonald's for breakfast as I usually do before a competition. After arriving at T.C.A. Glasgow for the Junior British bouldering championships I registered and was given a score sheet and a number to stick on my back (97).

I looked at all the bouldering problems that I had to do to qualify for the final. I had problem numbers 1-8 they weren't in any particular order so I had to pick what problems to try first carefully making sure I had seen all the details. I managed to complete 4 climbs and get lots of bonuses. But I was really disappointed with how I climbed. This only just got me through to the final. 6 competitors went through to the final and I came 6th! To close!

Next I went out to a Cafe for lunch. I had a very nice lunch and felt better about my score. We then arrived back at T.C.A. just as isolation opened. And there I waited there until I was called to do my first problem. I managed to do it on my second attempt. The second problem was really difficult and I didn't top it but I thought I could have. The third problem was ridiculously hard - no one in Category C (girls or boys) got to the bonus. Completing the first problems on my second attempt put me in third place. I was happy to happy moved up 3 places but if I had qualified higher I think I would have done better.

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