Saturday 5 April 2014

Scottish Youth Bouldering Competition - The Climbing Academy Glasgow

On Saturday morning we drove to get a McDonald's breakfast. We went to The Climbing Academy and registered Oscar and me for the competition. We were given a score sheet and had to wait a while before we could look at the problems. In the centre they divided the climbing area into two parts one for spectators and the other for climbers. This meant that my dad could watch me and Oscar on all our problems.

As soon as the competition was declared open me and Oscar walked around all the problems reading hard ones and trying the easy ones. There were about 4 really difficult problems out of the 15. I got most of the other problems out of the way first and then attempted the harder ones. I managed to do two of these scoring 13 out of 15 tops. I was very pleased. My brother Oscar scored 13 tops out of his 20 blocs - he was also really pleased.

A short time after we handed in our sheets the results were posted. I qualified for the final in first place meaning I would be attempting my final problems last. Oscar however didn't have a final so his competition was finished. Oscar had the most tops out of the seven in his category which meant he had won! After the category E and D presentations we went out for lunch and then went to SOAR (Braehead) where they had a high ropes and climbing area. Oscar and me had a go at the climbing and high ropes. We did a couple of laps of the high ropes course and quickly drove back to the centre for the final.

The final felt a bit like a disco with flashing coloured lights and music with a DJ. This was really awesome and made it way more fun. I went into isolation around about 4:30 and was pretty bored until I was called for observation. We had 6 minutes to look at the climbs and my first one looked OK and top-able. My second problem looked a lot harder but I thought maybe I could get to the bonus. And the third problem looked easier than the second but still hard.

When I walked out for my first problem I had to face the crowd before the 4 minutes started. The music was playing and the lights were flashing. As soon as we turned around the big lights came on and the walls were lit up. It was really exciting! The first problem was how I expected it to be, it wasn't too hard and I managed to top it on my first attempt.

The second climb was harder than I predicted and I didn't get to the bonus. Finally for the last climb, I thought that I could get to the top, but I didn't manage it because the foots holds were in difficult positions and I wasnt good enough to do it without a good one :(.

I was annoyed hat I didn't make the last climb and I went to my dad but didn't know how I had done compared to the others. He told me that I was the only person to top the first climb and I got the same place as everyone else on the other climbs. This meant that I had won the competition :).

The presentation was at 7:00 and our flight home was at 8:50, but we had to return the hire car before going to the airport. As soon as I stepped off the podium we rushed back to the car and drove to the hire car place and just about got to the airport on time.

It was a long day but we were really happy with our double win.

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