Monday 7 April 2014

Spot Climbing Bouldering Competition

On Sunday I went to Spot Climbing Centre to compete in the third round of their bouldering competition. We had the day to complete 30 problems. The problems weren't really in any particular order but there were some really interesting ones. Number 11 was all crimps on the slab which suits me as I love crimps! Number 9 had only one hold and a volume - I did this by running up and pushing on the volume with straight arms and then carefully stepping up on the volume to reach the final hold. This was good fun and unlike anything I had attempted before! Number 17 was very hard, it was spaced out and had lots of slopers although I managed to do it slow and steady!
The climbing centre looked a bit like an old school and it had every type of wall angle you could want. Every problem was a different style and you had to use a different and sometime weird method for each one.

I won the series and the round of the competition for my category (under 12 girls). I also won some Climb-On balm in the raffle! I have got quite a collection now!

I really enjoyed the competition and I hope they have another one soon. 

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