Monday 9 June 2014

Area 47 - Deep Water Soloing

The day after the competition we went to Area 47. Area 47 has a few different areas with different activities, but we went to the Water Area.

Inside there were diving boards, slides and deep water soloing! The first time I went deep water soloing I was scared of the water and wouldn't jump in and the same with diving! I kept trying to jump off the board until my mum came and encouraged me to do it! It was amazing, so fun, I even did the higher board with my brother Oscar.

This gave me much more confidence for deep water soloing. Oscar and me jumped in and swam over to the wall. I climbed to the top and Oscar climbed half way and we both jumped off with no hesitation. We kept on doing it and had so much fun! I was great practise for the deep water soloing comp I entered at Exeter in August! Can't wait!

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