Sunday 22 June 2014

Rock UK

Earlier today I went up to Rock UK with my Dad and brother Oscar. We decided to go to Rock UK because the walls are high than boulders so it would be good practice for the competition. The comp is going to be held next week on the high walls in Ratho. I am looking forward to Ratho this year because its my third year and I had so much fun last year and the year before.

After arriving at the centre my brother and I did a couple of laps of the centre before some traversing. I traversed all the way around the wall and on the last move I dynoed to the finger board jugs. After this I did a 5+ warm up climb falling at every clip to make sure I wasn't scared. Next it was Oscars turn to climb so I tried the auto belay I managed at 6b.

 I  need something harder so I did a 6c+  Orange on the mini roof wall next to the auto belay. It was really
reachy, I new I was going to struggle before I started the climb! I found the first part of the climb up to the first mini roof ok. But the first and only move on the actual roof was really far I had to get my foot so high to reach it. I only just got it. I clipped and managed to get to the next and last mini roof. It was another big move but I managed to do it and complete the rest of the climb even though I was very pumped.

 I attempted some other climbs before trying a 7c+. I got to the 5 clip and then fell off. I got back on and with all my determination managed to complete it only falling off again once! I was really please with myself it was one of my best climbs of the day. I was then tired so I rested and had a drink.

After the routes I went bouldering I managed to complete a V7 and a V6. I attempted an orange hard bloc, it took me a couple of goes to do it but I felt really good once when I had finished it.

Both my brother and I were getting tired now so we decided to go home. I though I had a good session this morning and I am feeling more confident for the comp now than I was before.

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