Monday 30 June 2014

Youth Climbing Series 2014 - Super Final

I was really nervous about the super final as I had never been in one before. I had to warm up because I didn't know when I was going to be called. I got my harness and chalk bag on and I put my shoes on my chalk bag belt ready to go to isolation.

Eventually we were called to the front. They said Pippa and me were climbing for first place with Izzy and Kitty climbing for third. As soon as they had explained this to us they shoved us behind the climbing wall into isolation. We sat in a chair behind the wall fidgeting in worry of the climb. The GB team member tossed a coin for who would have the choice of when to climb. I chose heads and won the toss. I chose to go second. I said good luck to Pippa and then watched her walk off to do the climb. After hearing a big thud I knew it was my turn. I walked up to the climb and started reading it as soon as they said I had one minute. I started to read to the top by then I thought that I wouldn't get there so I concentrated on the bottom. Once I started the climb I manged to get to the lip fairly smoothly I then went around the corner and matched the sloper. I tried to clip from it but my arms were too pumped and I didn't want to fall. So I went to the under cut below the sloper. This meant I could go with my left hand to the higher hold. The Welsh crowd cheered so loudly when I got this hold I didn't realise that so many people were supporting me. I still couldn't clip because I was too tired so I decided to forget about the clip and just go as high as I could. I went another hold and the crowd cheered even louder this time - I knew then that I had won but I wanted to make sure so I went one hold higher to a foot hold before leaping off as I knew that if I missed a clip the holds above wouldn't count anyway.

The belayer had too untie my knot because it was so tight. I walked off to the Welsh group and they were all saying congratulations. I can't believe how supportive they were. Loads of people stayed to cheer me on even though they could have gone home. I asked if I had won just in case and everyone said yes and then I started crying because it was over. It must have been devastating for Pippa because I was only three holds higher.

Podium with Pippa and Izzy

My prize for first place was an experience day with DMM. Sometime in the holiday I will get a tour of their factory where they make all of their products and get to go outdoor climbing with some of their sponsored climbers.

I would like to thank all the people who supported me through this competition especially my coach Simon.

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