Sunday 8 June 2014

Youth Color Climbing Festival 2014 Day 2

Again I woke up at 6:30 but didn't have a lot of picnic left as we had eaten most of it the day before. I got my climbing bag ready and grabbed the football for the boys to to play with while I was reading routes and waiting for my turn. Instead of getting a taxi my Dad drove us to the centre this meant we could bring more stuff.

Once we arrived at the centre I went to the indoor part of the centre and started warming up with Kitty and Holly. I did a big warm up the same as yesterday because it worked well, maybe better than my usual one.

After warming up I went down to the outside arena but unluckily missing some of the first demo. I saw the other demo's. On the yellow route the demonstrator should have been timed out because he took ages to get to the top. For one of the boys routes the demonstrator fell off. I couldn't believe the routes were that hard.

There were only three routes today and my first one was the yellow. I thought it looked hard but not as hard as the other climbs I was going to do. By the time I had finished warming up it was my turn. I did well and got to the 4th from the top and was really pumped. I knew I was too pumped to top it so I held the next hold, only just, and got 1 more point.

The next climb was the orangey-yellow, it looked the hardest climb in the comp. I read it as much as I could and I thought I could get to the overhang but I fell off at the second clip. I was really-really disappointed with this because I thought I could get further.

My final climb was grey and it was a disaster! I was really looking forward to this and thought that I could top it. But I was concentrating on the top bit when I was doing the first few moves. I tried to clip from a side pull but my foot slipped and I barn doored. I tried to hold it the other side so I wouldn't fall off, but it was useless. I only got 4 points on this climb. This mistake cost over 10 places in the competition!!! It will never happen again. Ever!

I was really disappointed with this and cried. I couldn't think of what I did well because I was so annoyed with that climb.

We went up to the cafe to wait for the rest of the climber to finish. Kitty and Holly's coach came to talk to me and told me I did really well on my other climbs and that it happens to everyone. This was nice of her and made me feel better about the competition.

Once everyone had finished the presentation started. They call up every climber who entered and everyone got to choose a prize. I got a rucksack which I am now using for my climbing equipment when I go training.

I really enjoyed the competition and it was really good experience. It will definitely help me in the YCS final in Ratho. But I came the lowest place I have ever come in any competition 38th. Previously my lowest position was 5th. I hope this is the lowest place I will come in my whole life.

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