Thursday 5 June 2014

Training at Kletterhalle Imst

The centre didn't open until 2pm. I also noticed that all the shops in Austria had weird opening and closing times. I was really excited to see the wall.

When we arrived we asked if we could climb on the outside walls but we couldn't because the route setting was still going on for the competition.

Outdoor competition wall

The first thing I did was find all the different walls, rooms and facilities. I really liked the inside of the centre, especially the big overhangs and the different shaped holds! It had a balcony area for spectators and a wide range of climbs! I did some of the tall climbs first in preparation for the competition climbs because from what I could see the comp wall routes would be very long.

I attempted an Orange 7a and got really pumped on the top so I chickened out! I was pretty disappointed in myself as I had been practicing falling for weeks before the competition. I had a break before trying it again. This time I managed to get to the second top. The last hold was a long jump but I was happy that I went for it with no fear.

This happened a lot during the session. I kept giving up because I was afraid of falling. However, I am glad it happened in the training session instead of on the competition day.

After I completed a hard red climb that I had got anxious on we decided to finish the session.

I noticed that they name all of their routes. I thought this was a good idea because then when you want to talk about a route with another climbers they know exactly which one your on about.

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